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Automatic Packing Machine ,
Binding Machine

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  • Packing Technology

    There is the previous forefront technology that keeps supporting new forefront. From design to process, or even to manufacture.

  • Never Bind Inspiration

    Always looking towards the generation ahead Endless challenge towards high accuracy and technology.

  • Strapping Quality

    Our long experience and achievement generate this stunning quality SPOT brand.


  • SPOT

    Please look at a wide variety of products designed and prepared to be used in various needs and scenes, including high-speed type, low floor type, space-saving fully automated packaging machines, etc.Brand of technology and trust" that can make machines to suit any application, that is the SPOT product."

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Featured Products

  • LAP-N

    Fully Automatic Strapping Machines

  • LSA-N4

    Semi Automatic Strapping Machines

  • LSA-L4

    Semi Automatic Strapping Machines

  • FP-30N

    Fully Automatic Film Banding Machines

  • Tippy Pack TS

    Desk Top Fully Automatic Strapping Machine

Stainless Steel Automatic Strapping Machines.for the Frozen & Fresh Fish Industries.

  • LA-PM

    Side Seal Stainless Steel

  • MSA-N4

    Side Seal Stainless Steel

  • LSA-M

    Side Seal Stainless Steel