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Professional Tools

Please contact us for a tip tool
for electric power , a hobby tool ,
a product for DIY!

Mainly Die-Casting and plastics-based products with the following range:
Planning, designing, manufacturing, and selling of a wide range of products such as electric tools, Electric tip tool, lighting equipment, center light, carpenter tool, automobile tool, gardening article, precision tools, and DIY supplies.



    We mainly focused on professional users, sticking to product creation that emphasizes quality,We guarantee the reliability of the quality for professional users.


    We mainly focused on DIY users for the purpose of making the work easier.It is a brand of electric tools and the tip tools for the electric tools.

  • Strong Tool

    It is the tool using the die casting and is our first manufacturing tool.We have named the product "Strong Tool" to have the firm image on the product and it has become a BRAND for the clamps and carpenter tools where durability is required.


    We focused on the support of family making small things. We have the tools necessary for making Hatome, ring hook, snaps, other handicrafts and clothing related.

  • P.Tool

    It is a brand meaning of precision tool.We have the necessary tools for Maintenance of precision instruments, sculpture and craft making etc.


    It is a brand of a tip tool that performs basic work such as tightening" and "loosening" the screw.We also have tip tools that can be used in corner parts that are difficult to tighten or narrow parts."

  • Thread Master

    It means the master of Thread (Master), which is a tool brand that mainly creates and modifies screw threads.Besides that, we have a wide range of tools, such as tools for removing broken bolts/screws.

  • Beruf

    It is mainly lighting brands such as light emitters, sensor lights, headlights etc.We also have reflection vests and safety items such as flashing indicator lights etc."


    It is a whipper to make a “stable drug” made for hair color. For the hair color dedicated whipper BLENDA, with the special head BLENDA will normalize the stirring and will increase the efficiency of whipping the hair color. This will reduce the stimulation of the hair color, will reduce the damage, and will maximize the quality of stirring without changing the medicine. Please feel the change while whipping."

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