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Our company manufacture and sell steel products like Fork Arm, Coil Spring, Leaf Spring, Steel Material,etc. and do wholesale of Automotive Parts and Agricultural Machinery since establishment in March 1936.

It had passed 3 terms as ICHINEN MTM after becoming subsidiary company of ICHINEN group in August 2018, after that merged 5 companies of Machine Tool segment of ICHINEN group including our company in April 2019.

We split our wholesale of Automotive and Agricultural Machinery business and integrated with Access Co. Lt. which belongs to ICHINEN group in April 2022.

As a result, we launch newly ICHINEN MTM Co. Ltd. only with manufacturing and sales of Steel Products business.

We are developing unique and breakthrough production method based on spring manufacturing technology, heat treatment technology and mold molding technology cultivated from establishment.

We are actively developing not only OEM supply to makers in Japan and overseas but also sales to after market.

All officers and employees will push forward to improve corporate value through strengthened and enhanced mutual cooperation with ICHINEN Holdings's management philosophy [ Pursuit of the highest quality], [Pursuit of customer satisfaction], [Returning profits to stakeholders], [Social contribution] in addition with ICHIEN MTM's vision [To bounce future with creativity + challenge + team work]

We are doing manufacturing activity in Japan Hyogo factory and overseas in USA Indiana factory, in China Suzhou factory. These 3 factories pursuing the most production efficient method through close contact. They think that thorough pursue of quality control and safety management is also important.

We will go forward by setting up below guidelines as our basics of activities from April 2022

1. To become a corporate that be needed, trusted and expected by society and customers.
2. Thorough pursuit of customer satisfaction.
3. Expansion of market share.
4. Realization of synergistic effect.
5. Pursuit of production activities in line with SDGs and Decarbonized society.
6. Increased productivity and efficiency through promotion of systematization and investment.
7. Thorough pursuit of Quality, Cost, Deadline and Safety.
8. Human resources development with an eye on the future.
9. Realizing a vibrant workplace through health corporate culture and cultural restructuring.

We are going to make up more intimate relationship with our customers who let us having business as of today and with lots of suppliers.
Thank you for your continued patronage.

April 1, 2022
Kazuo Mimura, President and CEO
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